Kappa Theta Pi

professional technology fraternity

Kappa Theta Pi ( K ϴ Π ) is a professional fraternity united by a love for technology.
Kappa Theta Pi was founded in Ann Arbor, Michigan USA in 2012 by seven founders who shared a love of technology.
These brothers and sisters came together to grow and share their love of technology with their fellow students and community members.

Members of this brotherhood spread their love of technology through community education events, internal tech discussions, professional development events, and by fraternizing amongst themselves.

Bonded by an interdisciplinary and multicultural love of technology these initiated brothers and sisters transcend by forming a higher order where one is defined by their passion for technology and driven by the pursuit of knowledge.

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Directory of Chapters

University of Michigan
University of Pittsburgh
Syracuse University
University of Maryland
University of North Carolina
The College of New Jersey